Friday 19th June
Arrival of the athletes, accreditation
19:00 General technical meeting

Saturday 20th June
09:00 Opening Ceremony
09:30 Start of the team competition
09:30-11:00 Men round I
11:00-12:30 Women round I
12:30-14:00 Men round II
14:00-15:30 Women round II
15:30-17:00 Men round III
17:00-18:30 Women round III

Sunday 21st June
Please pay attention to the new schedule !
09:30-11:00 Quarter finals men & places 9-16 men
11:00-12:30 Quarter finals women & places 9-16 women
14:00-15:30 Semi finals men & women
17:00-18:30 Finals men and women
20:30 Head of delegations diner

Monday 22nd June
Start of the individual competition, doubles

Tuesday 23rd June
Single event and closing ceremony followed by gala diner at 8pm

Wednesday 24th June
Departure of the athletes